From the on-set of the construction of the fitness trail, certain challenges where encountered and some are still being encountered as the work progresses. These include;

  1. Lack of ground maintenance staff: During the initial survey of the route of the fitness trail, the area around the sports complex was surrounded by tall grass and shrubs. Snakes and other reptiles were frequently spotted making it hazardous for the surveyors. We were made to understand that it was the duty of the forestry guards to keep the grass surrounding the complex at a decent level. Based on this we had to employ direct labour from Samaru community to cut the grass to enable us work.
  2. Lack of concessions bar/Kiosk: Exercising and work of this nature requires energy and constant rehydration. The gymnasium complex however does not have any kiosks to buy snacks and water. Our workers had to go to Samaru in order to eat and rehydrate. This subsequently made the work much slower and also led to an increase in cost.
  3. Access to First Aid: Cuts, bruises and other types of injuries can occur while exercising or working. Fabricating the stations form metal led to a lot of these types of injuries and there was no access to emergency first aid within the complex. This is a very important thing to have in such places.
  4. Vandalism: Stations that were finished and installed were vandalized/destroyed after completion. Signage and instruction posters were torn out and had to be replaced and are still being replaced because of these vandals.
  5. Insecurity: There is an apparent lack of security within the gymnasium complex. The security personnel are usually station at the front entrance of the main building and rarely go out to patrol the grounds. Even the watch towers that were constructed have been abandoned. If the security were on their job, vandals would not have destroyed the stations.
  6. Animal Grazing: As mentioned earlier, fruit trees were planted at intervals along the length of the path. The seedlings were however eaten by grazing animal from the nearby quarter three. This has left very little if any fruit trees remaining.


  1. The length of the trail should be sprayed with herbicides once a month during the rainy season to prevent grass for sprouting. These herbicides would not affect the ecology of the area if sprayed in small amounts.
  2. The need for a kiosk to be constructed under the stadium complex to allow users as well as workers at the complex buy snacks, water and drinks before and after exercising.
  3. An emergency first aid station or nurse’s station be erected at the location by the Directorate of Medical services. This is to serve as remediation for minor injuries likely to be sustained by users.
  4. Security/ forest guards to be deployed for effective patrol to prevent vandalizing the trail structures and other forms of anti-social behavior taking place within premises of the gymnasium.
  5. All sign boards are to be protected by metallic covers.
  6. 6. The entire gymnasium complex be declared a no grazing zone to prevent stray animals from destroying plant hedges and fruit seedlings planted along the trail line.