QUALIFICATION OF MR. Abdulkarim, Mukhtar

B.Sc ( Geography) M.Sc ( Remote Sensing & G.I.S) To be Issued with certificate by P.G School soon


  • Design  short, medium and long term gender-based research model for the unit Liase with the Faculties, Department and  Units  in ABU to develop sustainable training needs
  • Liase with the Faculties, Department and Units  in ABU to develop Gender-Based curriculum in Engineering, Environmental and Medical Sciences
  • Document and submit report to guide planning by the Unit
  • Liase with faculties to identify their training needs on gender issues
  • Track records of workshops, conferences on contemporary sustainable gender issues and validate their suitability for policy
  • Liase with program officer to organize collaborative researches on measurement and evaluations for staff and students
  • Liaise with GIS unit of the university to share data and relevant baseline information
  • Create and maintain a gender database for the unit
  • Monitor research outcomes for the unit
  • Evaluate implementation of unit’s strategies and action plans
  • Analyze data and perform spatial analysis for gender infrastructure but not restricted to the following
  • Point pattern analysis (nearest neighbour analysis, proximity analysis)
  • Spatial distributions
  • Spatial autocorrelation
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Filter and clean data, and review computer reports, printouts and perform indicators to locate and correct code problems
  • Perform any spatial query needed.
Perform any other task needed by the coordinator