Informed by the findings of various studies especially the revelation of gender imbalance in enrolment in ABU, the University has since taken a form towards rededicating itself to the development of its catchments area by increasing the total enrollment of women by not less than 35% of its yearly total intake and the enhancement of conditions for greater participation of women as staff in the university. Accordingly, as part of the drive towards a full actualization of its vision statement for providing education for the members of its catchment areas without discrimination the university has established a Gender Policy Unit.

The Gender Policy Unit is part of a three pronged project founded under a joint partnership with the Carnegie corporation of New York, the aims of which are to reposition the university as a first generation Nigerian University with the capacity to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The other two projects are namely: Planning Resource and Mobilization Unit and Strengthening Postgraduate Teaching and Research respectively.

This has become necessary especially in the light of the research findings of the study groups in Ahmadu Bello University and Arewa House in Northern states which showed that; disparity, particularly in education undermines the capacity for effective development. Globally, it is recognized that education is essential for the enhancement of participation by women in development, the reduction of poverty and the achievement of social justice in the society.

These can be achieved through:
- Expressing the University’s commitment towards a fuller development of women in its catchment areas in particular and the nation in general;
- Removing the gender inequalities evident in the enrolment of women as students and their participation as staff in the University;
- Increasing the participation of women in higher education in recognition of their potentials for increased productivity and the overall advancement of the society and;
- Overcoming practices associated with gender inequality in Ahmadu Bello University on a long term basis by ensuring the continuity and sustainability of the programme.