This report was compiled from a study conducted by the Gender Policy Unit of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. It was necessitated out of the need by staff and students to be provided with a more efficient transport service within Samaru and Congo campuses of the University. The series of written and verbal complaints from distressed staff and students who experience difficulties accessing the intra-university transport service could not be ignored for the progress university. The GPU set to verify the intra-campus transport problems with these objectives in focus, to;

  1. Identify the modes of transport services in the university
  2. investigate the challenges of staff and students accessing the services of intra-university transport services,
  3. examine the efficacy of the intra-campus transport services and
  4. examine options for improvement

A one weak rapid appraisal analysis was undertaken by a team of researchers in the unit in middle December 2015. Result of the appraisal fashioned the development of a semi-structured questionnaire that was administered 200 respondents sampled from staff and students in Samaru and Congo campuses. Feedback from 186 of the respondents was analysed and the following findings were established