1. Transportation: Policy was developed in order to meet the growing demand for sufficient means of mobility within the campus as student population keeps rising. Hitherto, mobility within the campus was adequate but, due to the growing security concerns within the country during the last administration, measures were taken to safeguard lives and properties within the campus as such, restrictions were made to several mediums of transportation backed with an enactment by the government of the state, which prohibits the use of motorcycle for commercial purposes.
  2. Information Centre: The University has an Information Centre, strategically located within the University, but it is left on used.
  3. Safe spaces (Friendship centres). The growing rate of drug abuse among students on campus, necessitated for a centre complimentary to the Guidance and Counselling Unit, to help address such menace.
  4. Fitness Trails/ Tracks: Health is wealth, within the purview of the said adage, exercise is crucial for the efficient functionality of both staff and students.
  5. Gender Curriculum for the University
  6. US Leadership Youth Forum
  7. P2P: Challenging Extremism