William Miles is a professor in the political sciences from the University of Northeastern in Boston in the United States of America. Professor Miles is visiting the university (ABU) for second time, during his second visit he presented a paper about himself, interestingly enough he rendered it in Hausa.

The second coming of the Professor was to seek more areas of collaboration with the unit and the university as a whole. The two days visit entailed a trip to ABU phase from the new faculty buildings down to the university’s golf course, a tell-tale visit to the drama village where they were briefed on the concept and history behind the design of the village after which they were graced with a drama performance by the students. The trip finally recessed at the university dam (ABU dam) with Mr. Muazu Maiwada being the tour guide.

The second visit had a lot of dynamism because wide range of shared talks was had. Professor Binta Abdulakarim the facilitator, Co-ordintor Gender Policy Unit and an old friend to Professor (William Miles) briefed the sitting on projects executed by the unit and challenges faced.

Professor Miles proposed partnership with the unit and support in area possible from access to electricity, public health for the rural (women and girls), secondary education most especially STEM and much more, which was gladly accepted by the Co-ordinator (Professor Binta Abdulkarim).

The unit will definitely be looking forward to the next visit by the Professor and more so, execution of works.

Below are some pictures of Professor William Miles’ visit on 5th and 6th August, 2019;

visit-1 Picture taken at the drama village (starting from the right is Mr. Steve Daniels, Mr. Muazu Maiwada and Prof. William Miles)
visit-1 Picture taken at drama village (Prof. Miles & Co., Gender Policy unit research team and the drama students)
visit-1 Picture taken at the University Dam; captures the co-ordinator gender policy unit and Prof. Miles.
visit-1 Prof. Miles & Co., Prof. Binta Abdulkarim (co-ordinator gender policy unit) and the research team.