This is an initiative programme of the Vice Chancellor’s Committee on the protection of Kubanni Reservoir, ABU Zaria. Specifically, part of its mandate centres on the conservation of animal species in the university.

The committee functions on the philosophy of a zoo or a park as a large tract of land kept in its natural state with few or no buildings within or adjoining it that can be reserved for recreation and research. Within it could be extensive gardens, wood lots, pastures and game preserves.

There are many reasons for having a well-planned park in Ahmadu Bello University. Among others, the site chosen for the park would provide a safe home for indigenous plant and animal species; keep the micro-climate conducive and the aesthetic qualities of the surrounding environment. The park will also serve as an outdoor laboratory for research by staff and students.

As parks are places of natural beauty for people to relax have fun, bushwalking, camp or undertake picnic, painting, taking photographs, enjoying the view and taking in fresh air ABU wishes to extend such privileges to her immediate community.

We share this planet diverse living organisms and are obliged to protect them. This suggest the validity of the Gender Policy Unit being part of the crusade in realizing the goal and objectives for proposing such a project

After the inaugural visit to the proposed site on the 1st of August 2017, the leader of the team, Professor K.Z Schnoeneich and a team of experts from related Departments shall be responsible training youths on the conservation of biodiversity, animal surveillance and care around the University environment. The outline of study shall be drawn in accordance with the objectives of the programme. The ultimate goal of the project is to protect and preserve the natural habitat of the University for a Sustainable Ecosystem.