The Gender Policy Unit of Ahmadu Bello University witnessed the launching of Yasmin El- Rufai Foundation as on July 22nd 2017 at Kaduna Trade Fair Complex. Activities at the launching centered on the legacy of Yasmin as a crusader of enhancing literacy level and creativity among women and children in addition to empowering the vulnerable.

Highlights raised by the guest lecturer centered on:

  1. The line of divide between the roles of men and women in Northern Nigeria.
  2. The amorphous concept of ‘Gender’ and its fluid interpretation globally.
  3. Actions of feminists that has distorted the perception of gender parity between males and females
  4. The critical disparity in the social and political affairs of women in Northern Nigeria has generated tracks for feministic beliefs on one hand and a total submission to men’s domination on the other.

Ways forward to the issues in contention were centred on the need of women to.

  1. cross the boundaries of illiteracy, complacency and meek accomplishments with stronger- capacity based-trainings.
  2. strengthen their commitments towards nation building

In line with the mandates of the Gender Policy Unit, Ahmadu Bello University was committed to enhancing the capacity of the Foundation staff whenever such need arises.